Hi there, my name is Tal

I'm passionate about helping businesses thrive through innovation, and championing brilliant ideas that deliver change.

When I'm not working, I am usually out with my laptop looking for the best cup of flat white, or hunting for still-undiscovered street art murals.

I love meeting new people and learning new things, so please feel free to say hi and share a story with me!

Strategy Director | Beano Studios


I partner with the CEO to lead the revenue and innovation strategy for one of the world’s most popular websites for kids, Beano.com.

I do this by coming up with new revenue initiatives, go-to-market strategies and digital propositions, and by creating business plans that guide the direction of travel for the business.

I work out of Beano HQ, based in London's historic Fleet Street. Our weekly company meetings start by reading comic strips, and end with watching episodes of our very own TV show, Dennis and Gnasher: Unleashed!

Senior Strategy Consultant | Deloitte


I was a key strategy advisor to C-Suite executives, helping them make the best decisions about their most critical business issues. My clients included some of the largest listed companies in Israel and abroad.

My most exciting client was a leading TV broadcaster. I helped the CRO and CFO to create their growth, innovation, pricing and M&A strategy, and in return they spinkled me with a little bit of TV-industry fame and taught me how to chat with celebrities without falling off my feet.

Independent Consultant


I worked as an independent consultant with Frontier Economic Consulting as well as various Investment Banking clients. I modelled complex business cases for the world’s largest telecom operator, and advised on M&A strategy, impact assessments and cost benefit analysis.

Best perk of the job? I worked around Chancery Lane, and when out of the office, I'd normally head off to the magnificent Leather Lane, to get my fix at Prufrock Coffee.

Consultant | Ofcom


I helped the British Government analyse business plans of large media and telecom companies, and assess potential impact on pricing and competition.

It was my first job in London and a total dream job for me, as I grew up reading all about telecom regulation (geek!). Also, because it's the closest I've ever gotten to meeting Sir Humphrey.

Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

MSc Economics and Philosophy | LSE


I left a career path as a technology business analyst in order to pursue my passion: to grow businesses through innovation. So I moved to London to do a master's degree. I didn't really know where this road would take me, but I trusted that the dots would connect later on.

I ended up having the experience of a lifetime at the LSE, and I've made friends with people from all around the world. Whenever not busy with studies, I was usually queueing to get my 50p builder's tea (actually, coffee!) at Wright's Bar, hanging out in Lincoln's Inn Fields and writing for the LSE blog.

Exchange Programme | Sciences Po Paris


Paris is quite possibly the love of my life – especially in the moments I don't hate it. This magnificent living-museum, offering some of the world's best croissants and worst coffee, was my home for a year.

I spent my exchange year at Sciences Po, the most highly regarded French institution for political science studies.

I learned about French economics, French politics, and French social attitudes. I learned that to the French, the universe revolves around France, and that the centre of the universe is actually Paris. Needless to say - I fully agree with this view.

Israeli Intelligence

My career began at the age of 18, driving insight creation for the the Israeli Intelligence Service.

Big Banks

I then moved on to help big banks save the world from cyber criminals and fraud.


In my free time, I volunteered for a Member of Parliament, who unded up becoming the Leader of the Opposition.

Others things I do

During 2016-17, I led a pro-bono strategy consulting project for Israel's leading festival, Midburn. Midburn is an NGO that runs the world's 3rd largest Burning Man event. I helped the executive board develop a corporate structure, define their goals, and set out their plan to expand beyond the core.